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At Penta Capital Research, we started in 2016 with the goal of outperforming banks, reliably beating the markets, and weathering turbulent times. We have since developed powerful strategies that generate long-term value by replacing reckless emotional decision making with cutting-edge AI-based technologies. Our ultimate goal is simple: to help create a better financial future for us all.

Diversified and balanced risks

No reckless emotional decisions

Historically market beating performance

Our core PentaStrategies for different risk profiles


Solid Growth
Key Targets
  • Return >15% / year
  • Volatility <10%
  • Sharpe Ratio >1.75


Progressive Growth
Key Targets
  • Return >25% / year
  • Volatility <35%
  • Sharpe Ratio >1.75


Maximum Growth
Key Targets
  • Return >50% / year
  • Volatility <50%
  • Sharpe Ratio >1.75

Disclaimer: PentaStrategies are no investment advice. They are intended for educational purposes only and may not be appropriate for your specific situation. Performance results are based on backtests 2011-2020, which has certain inherent limitations as it does not account for slippage, fees or taxes.  Past performance is no guarantee of future results. You are strongly encouraged to consult a professional financial advisor before making any decision to start an investment. 

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