PentaNews January 2020

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PentaNews January 2020

Happy New Year!

But before we jump right into this brand new decade, let’s take a look back at how our PentaTrader strategies did in the past months.

In December, the stock markets continued their upward trend. Equities performed well at around 2.9% for the S&P500, but also gold gained +4.1%. Only government bonds performed negatively at -1.9%.

Overall, the broad US equity indices rose by almost 30% in 2019, making it the best year for equities since 2013. Bonds and real estate performed well despite falling interest rates and the very old equity bull market. This year was as good as 2018 was bad across all asset classes.

Regarding our two strategies, High Yield Classic was positive in December at +1.8% and High Yield MiniMax stayed rather flat at +0.12%.

Throughout the year, the theoretical returns of High Yield Classic and High Yield MiniMax were both phenomenal at 98.3% and +77.8% respectively. This is about double the average annual return in the past 10 years!

But the most important thing in the end: Invest in Yourself. We keep forgetting it, but the goal is not simply more money, but a life on your own terms!

And so I wish you all a great start into an amazing new decade full of health and love.

Stay happy, healthy and wealthy!


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